The Jolly Roger has a wonderful range of fully 3D life-size and extremely life-like Hollywood and entertainment characters and sports figures.

We have some iconic film & music look-alike figures in the series, from our actress statues, which bare more than a passing resemblance to the great Marylin Monroe, & our rock and roll singer (who looks a lot like the young Elvis), to our pair of dancing brothers (strangely familiar to fans of the Blues Brothers films) & collection of cowboy models & statues of some of the most recognisable characters from films & the world of entertainment.

The Jolly Roger has a super selection of musician statues including jazz singers & iconic croners. We have figures for fans of  Hollywood films, music and entertainment. Our range of sporting figures includes an american footballer, basketball player, boxer, poolplayers, golfers and jockeys.

These life-size figures have been used many times by ourselves and our customers to create spectacular themed events. The public really enjoy getting up close & being photographed with the stars!

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