CARRUAN FARM - SOUTH DEVON COW Date Added: Sunday 30th August 2009

The Jollyroger Lifesize Models Co have been instrumental in helping Duncan Bannatyne and Virgin Television revamp several Holiday Attractions around the UK for a new TV Show which is due to be aired in January 2010. Two Four Productions were the TV Film Crew and Duncan Bannatyne - Dragon's Den - is headlining the show by giving his advice to the owners of the Attractions and helping them to revamp their premises and therefore make them popular again.

This series of images shows us at Carruan farm in Polzeath, Cornwall. Duncan Bannatyne advised the owners that they need Lifesize Models at the entrance to their attraction and throughout the Farm to enhance the look and interest to the attraction. It certainly worked with Friesian Cows placed at the entrance every car passing could not help but look and when we opened the doors of the van in front of the Farm Shop the crowds of children just fell in love with all our Animal Models! No sooner than we unloaded the models the children were climbing all over them having their pictures taken by their family.

This shows another shot of our South Devon Cow in it's new home in front of Carruan Farms Farm Shop

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