TEXELAAR SHEEP IN NEW HOME Date Added: Thursday 12th August 2010

Mrs Clayton was one of our first customers to order our new Texel Sheep and Lambs, as you can read below she was more than happy with her new family !

"Delighted to say the sheep arrived this morning safe and well.  They have now settled into their new surrounds and look quite happy!!  I am attaching some pics.  One is in the front garden and the other two are where they will usually be housed, unless they roam a bit.

My young friend opposite, aged three and a half, saw them in the front garden and got very very excited, so mum says.  Anyway she has now been over to see them and I have asked her to name one of the baby lambs."

Mrs Clayton has asked the neighbours childern to name the new additions to the garden, they have come up with the following:- "The one on the left is Katie, Mum is Lucy and one on the right is Woolly."

Another happy Customer, thank you Wendy and enjoy the little fellas...

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