Approximate dimensions (CM) - 554 x 136 x 326 cm

Approximate Weight (KG) - 130 kgs

Australovenator is the most complete skeleton of a meat-eating dinosaur ever found in Australia. It was described in 2009 as light of weight and built for speed, and placed in a brand new genus of theropod dinosaur.

This was Australia's first really big predator, about six metres long and actually a medium-sized cousin of the Allosaurus.

The partial skeleton was found at the bottom of a billabong near the town of Winton, Queensland. Close by was the skeleton of a large sauropod dinosaur. It's tempting to think that the Australovenator may have been eating the carcass when it got stuck in the mud and couldn't get out. 🦖🤭

Please note the Gelcoat version is the one that we recommend for outdoor use.

If you would like to discuss the difference in finishes, please give us a call. 

The traditional method is a resin/fiberglass statue, followed by a primer, a latex paint and finally a clear PU topcoat but this procedure has a limited life span outdoors.

'Our new procedure will be a gelcoat casting followed by the application of gelcoat finishing materials. The pigments form an intrinsic part of the statue and not just a thin layer on top so will withstand the harsh elements much better'. 

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