Coffee Bean with Tip Sack (JR ST5824)

This counter-top Coffee Bean character with a Sack for staff tips is a great little point-of-sale model for Coffee Shops etc.

Coffee Bean with Tip Sack (JR ST5824)

Approx max dimensions:-  40cm x 24cm x 34cm (53cm to top of sign)

This cute Coffee Bean character is a great way to advertise that you sell real coffee...& to persuade customers to leave your staff a tip.

All our models are high quality, durable, cold cast poly-resin & fibre-glass, not cheaper plastic or single-skin resin copies. The detail & modelling of these sculptures is superb. Well cared for, models supplied by the JollyRoger will give you & your customers pleasure for many years to come. We recommend that all models & point-of sale items which are going to be used outdoors be given a protective coat of clear lacquer or exterior varnish.

Before placing your order if you have any queries or special requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these with you by phone or email.

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